When you’ve lived somewhere for many years, it can be tough to say goodbye. But if you (or a loved one) currently have a home that is bigger than necessary or is too high maintenance, it may be time to trade unused square footage for a smaller, more manageable space.  Take it from the downsizers
One of the best parts of owning a home is the freedom to make it truly your own with design choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you lean toward contemporary design or a farmhouse aesthetic, your home is your canvas. Even so, it’s always smart to think about the long-term impact those decisions might
Real Estate Market
A growing share of home buyers and sellers sat on the sidelines last year as the pace of home sales continued its downward trajectory.1 In fact, since the Federal Reserve began its series of interest rate hikes in 2022, the combination of higher borrowing costs and record-high home prices has fostered the steepest real estate
If the thought of investing your money into brick and mortar excites you, join the club. Nearly a third of Americans consider real estate to be the best place to park money they don’t plan to use for at least 10 years.[1] In fact, a growing number of small investors are eyeing the rental market